• Welcome To LiT Strategy

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    Our Vision

    We aim to becoming the first Consulting Powerhouse from Asia

  • What Do We Do?

    LiT Strategy, one of Singapore's most renowned SME consulting firms, has become a reliable brand. Our strategy consulting firm aims to help clients through well-rounded strategies.
    Here are some SME consulting services that we provide:
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    Strategy Planning:

    We coordinate with our clients to understand their goals and help them craft a business strategy to reach their targets. Whether you want a reduction of costs or an increase in sales, our diligent business strategy advisory team develops a plan to reach your goals.

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    Business Transformation

    The corporate world is a dynamic place. Everyday changes in the sector demand the entities to watch trends keenly. Our strategy consulting firm work with our clients to stay in the learning loop to explore new opportunities.

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    Market Entry Strategy

    Our clients have successfully manoeuvred into international markets with the assistance of our SME consulting services. Generating revenue streams in overseas markets can be daunting, but our strategy consulting firm knows the ins and outs of the global market to help clients navigate smoothly.

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    Organizational Efficiency Improvement

    We help you to reorganise your company structure to increase human productivity, reduce costs, and improve corporate efficiency

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    Market Research

    A strategy consulting firm must stay in touch with the market trends. Given this requirement, our SME consultation team helps you to gain insights into the competitive landscape and guides your decision-making.

    We have gained a market presence in China and are able to help our clients who are looking to establish profitable SMEs in the Chinese market.

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    Financial Management

    In this age of uncertainties, many corporations undergo periods of economic distress without having a comprehensive understanding of their financial capabilities. Our financial specialists help our clients to devise plans for cash flow management. This could involve planning for future financial investments and anticipated projects, as well as looking at advising on how to better manage cash flow.

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    Fundraising and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    Raising capital in today’s hyper-competitive market is not easy. We provide entrepreneurs with strategic advice regarding mergers or acquisitions with competitors. As for companies who wish to raise capital, they can reach out to our SME consulting firm in Singapore to draft future plans.


    Do you require assistance with any of the above areas? Or are you considering any other areas of service? Or are you unsure what sort of services your company needs? Contact us here now!

  • Applicable Grants

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    Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

    LiT Strategy has consultants who possess the Enterprise Singapore (formerly known as SPRING) recognised certification to support SMEs seeking EDG support for up to 80% of consultancy-related costs till 31 March 2022


    To find out more about EDG, visit https://www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/financial-assistance/grants/for-local-companies/enterprise-development-grant/overview

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    SkillsFuture Enterprise Credits (SFEC)

    Eligible employers can also qualify for additional subsidies under the SFEC scheme which covers up to 90% of out-of-pocket expenses on qualifying costs


    To find out more about SFEC, visit www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/sfec