• Management Consultant Firm


  • The LiT Strategy management consulting team operates to ensure the client businesses can improve their performance over time. Our experts aim to help the clients solve every problem and grow exponentially.
    Generally, the task of a management consulting firm is to work with businesses across a wide range of business functions. This may include the companies operating in finance, HR, and marketing fields. Besides the private firms, many public institutions can also work with LiT Strategy to improve their strategy, efficiency and practices.

  • Why LiT Strategy Management Consultation is the Answer to your Woes?

    Our management consulting team aims to fill in gaps in clients’ businesses. This serves as a cheaper solution than hiring specialists for every business needs.


    LiT Strategy is a Management Consulting firm in Singapore with a proven track record of successful results that are compelling for our clients.


    Our clients first share their vision with our team and our team will draft a plan to enable the client to overcome the hurdles to achieving their goals.


    Each project we undertake will go as follows:

    • Understand the problem – what problem are we trying to solve?
    • Approach – how will we investigate the problem?
    • Data gathering – find out all the information about the current issue
    • Data analysis – what does the data show?
    • Advice – what is the best solution according to our expertise and information?
    • Implementation – enact the positive change according to the recommendations.


    When the project is completed, the clients reach a sound stage where they can understand the problems. This also allows them to have a better understanding, and they can overcome similar issues in the future.