• Business Consultant

  • There comes a point where an organization needs a business consultant firm by its side. Essentially, consulting firms are businesses offering professional advice to organizations.


    LiT Strategy was initiated with the same motto. Designed through innovation, informed by data, and powered by human connection, our company has come a long way since it first stepped into the business consultant Singapore landscape. We aspire to become one of the most reliable business consultants in Singapore.


    Do you want to understand which processes could be automated? Do you want experts who will help you choose the right business model in this changing macroenvironment? Or do you need help venturing into new mergers and acquisitions?


    Regardless of the advice you need, you can knock at the doors of LiT Strategy, one of the most popular business consultancy in Singapore.

    How do we break down the problem?


    Understanding the client's goals is the most useful way to analyze the process. When our team and our clients are aligned on the purpose, we move to the next step. This is the stage where we break down the problem and provide the relevant business advice:

    1. Provide the current market information to the client
    2. Solve a client’s problem
    3. Make a diagnosis to understand the core issue
    4. Make recommendations according to the diagnosis
    5. Assist with the implementation of the recommended approach
    6. Build a consensus and commitment around the proposed plan
    7. Teach clients how to resolve similar issues in the future
    8. Improve the organization's effectiveness


    Our business consulting firm understands that reaching for business goals requires sophistication and skills during consultation. Sometimes, a professional may try to divert the purpose of engagement even when the shift was uncalled for. This is why you need a professional business consulting firm to help you reach the right objectives.

  • How we help with business transformation?:

    It would help if you scanned the landscape properly when seeking a business consulting firm in Singapore. Merely searching for “business consultant Singapore” will not help you to reach for the right agencies.


    Before you begin your research in this domain, you should understand the different types of business consultation services. At LiT Strategy, we cater to the following types of business consultation:

  • 1. Strategy and Management Consultation:

    Our proficient team brings industry experience to help your business scale. We explore new opportunities and drive revenues from the accessible channels.


    We enable our clients to re-organize their models to create a cost-effective strategy. In addition, we stand in as middle management during the crucial transition phases to ensure that steps required for the change are executed properly

    2. Financial Consultation

    We help our clients to make the most profitable and/or financially-sound investment decisions. Our experts enable our clients to handle their business assets in the most prudent way possible.

    3. Operations Consultation

    Our Business Consultants Singapore team helps clients improve their companies' day-to-day functions. We enable them to take inventory of their current business model and find the best way to produce high-quality results at a fraction of time and money. The consultants also help with quality control and understand how to optimize for better results.

    4. Consultation (Preliminary Diagnosis)

    LiT Strategy is at your service and provides free consultation about all the problems your business faces. Feel free to share the troubles with and allow us to provide a preliminary diagnosis. If our proposed strategy aligns with you, we can move to the next stage of discussion about project kick-off.