• EDG Consulting Firm

  • Due to our well-developed partnership network, we are superbly equipped to perform specific and comprehensive tasks for the client. Our EDG experts have helped us become one of the best EDG consulting firms in Singapore. EDG may also be stacked with SFEC (SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit). This creates a massive difference on the project fee, as a $50,000 project will then cost $8,000 (Assuming that the EDG subsidy is 70% and $7,000 of the SFEC funds are utilized).

    LiT Strategy has consultants who possess the Enterprise Singapore, formerly known as SPRING. SMEs need this recognized certification to support up to 80% of the consultancy-related costs until 31st March 2022. Of the three required certifications to qualify for EDG, our team has two, namely the Singapore Certified Management Consultant (SCMC) and Practising Management Consultant (PMC).

  • How do we cater to the clients in this domain?

    We understand that companies today thrive on strong financial fundamentals.


    Companies with robust business foundations and strategies must continue to adopt innovative technologies and processes. This will not only ensure that they maintain and expand their local market share, but will also enable them to expand their overseas presence. We have mastered our craft and learned to reach for the most profitable objectives for our clients.


    As an EDG consulting firm in Singapore, we help our clients to stabilize their economic state. The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) helps Singapore companies to grow and transform. This grant supports the projects and helps the companies to upgrade their methodologies. They can innovate or move overseas with the assistance of EDG in Singapore.